Ex-Queensland MP Rob Pyne has alleged Deputy Premier Jackie Trad of using abusive and unparliamentary language against him and also threatened the MP for putting forth the arguments about local government corruption claims in 2015.

Pyne lodged a complaint against Trad after which the latter was all set to be investigated by the Ethics Committee of the parliament despite her denial of bullying the MP in any manner. According to Brisbane Times, the MP accused the Premier of addressing him as a “disloyal c***.” Following his lodge of the complaint, he has now left the complaint to be dealt by the committee to review. Pyne claimed that Trad used “very heated and outright abusive” language during a phone conversation.

“During this conversation the Deputy Premier called me a ‘disloyal c—‘ on at least two occasions and this was delivered forcefully and intentionally,” he said in his complaint, tabled in Parliament on Tuesday. “It was completely improper and an unacceptable expletive-laden attack by a Deputy Premier, minister, and member of Parliament. I believe I was intimidated and bullied by the Deputy Premier.”

“It was full-on abuse which then became a verbal attack on me personally when the Deputy Premier went on to call me a disloyal c— on more than one occasion. I briefly informed [supporters] Lyn O’Connor and Jason Ward of this phone call from the Deputy Premier, where I summarised it by saying ‘she is a woman, but she ain’t no lady’.”

The ABC reported Trad denying all allegations. “I completely refute Mr. Pyne’s statement that I referred to him in such a manner,” she said. “I dispute Mr. Pyne’s claims relating to this alleged incident of more than six months ago, which is why I personally referred this matter to the parliamentary ethics committee some time ago.”

Trad also added that “It is established parliamentary practice that allegations such as these are properly dealt with and tested by the parliamentary ethics committee.”