Teenage heartthrob Taylor Swift has given her fans another reason to love her a little more. Chosen as Vogue’s May cover star, she appears for “73 questions” with immense confidence and uber coolness.

The video runs for almost 10 minutes and is one of the top trending videos around the world. Published on April 19, it has attracted more than one million views within just three days. She is seen wearing completely black and sweeps her fans off their feet with her answers.


The video has been shot at her Beverly Hills home. She gives us a tour of her house while she answers all of the questions, including what she’d be doing if she wasn’t a singer and her best advice for her 19-year-old self.

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Viewers have been long excited to see her $25 million house and most of the comments on this video remain related to this. “Oh my god her house looks as magical as I thought it would be!!!! heart eyes,” writes one of the viewers. “That’s Taylor house it’s beautiful,” writes another.

The video has won many hearts. “Okay this made me really like her as a person,” writes one of the viewers. “I hope my daughter grows up with the confidence of Taylor,” adds another. “This is the reason I love her so much. So natural and so beautiful,” and the list goes on.

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The video kicks off with the question, “What’s keeping you busy these days?” and Swift answers, “Grammy” and surely that’s most exciting thing to her at the moment. The first room she shows us is where she writes most of her songs. She talks of her favorite beverage which is coffee shows her regular coffee pot and an espresso maker, with a bevy of flavored coffee options for each. The show gets better with each one of the answers. Do check it out yourself to find out the rest of the answers.