Rumors have been circulating online that Beyonce and Jay Z could be having another child. However, Beyonce is not pregnant but others believe that the couple are considering adoption to give Blue Ivy a brother or a sister.

“Jay Z’s wanted to give Blue Ivy a brother or sister for so long,” said the source. “And he’s been putting a lot of pressure on Beyonce to get pregnant. They have discussed adoption, as well as other methods such as in-vitro fertilization, but they keep coming back to the same place. Jay Z wants to have another biological child,” Radar reports.

Regarding the adoption, the Inquistr also adds, “They always planned on having more than one child, and they don’t want a huge age gap between Blue Ivy and the baby. Beyonce loved being pregnant, but it hasn’t happened again — and they know the clock is ticking. They have a lot of friends who’ve adopted, like Madonna, and they think it would be great. If Beyonce isn’t pregnant soon, that’s the path they’ll go down. They’re talking about adopting a boy and maybe another girl!”

Despite the false pregnancy rumors, many are hopeful that the singer is actually pregnant. As OK Magazine states, “Beyonce was spotted covering up her stomach during a yacht date with Jay-Z and Blue Ivy. Beyonce apparently made quite an effort to hide her fuller figure from the paparazzi cameras while keeping her hands strategically placed near her midsection. Either the singer might have had a heavy meal or she’s definitely pregnant but not ready to make an announcement just yet.”

Still, Radar points out that Jay Z and Beyonce have been very busy lately. Jay Z has been a full-time father in the past months while Beyonce has been concentrating on her Formation tour, so they could be too busy to have another child right now.