These days, speculations are rampant about the plot of Prison Break season 5. The latest update about the show reveals Sara Tancredi might die in the approaching season.

While there are numerous spoilers and non-spoilers floating around the internet, the latest update dropped by sources predicted something really disturbing.  It highlights Prison Break season 5 might mark the end of Sarah Wayne Callies’ Sara Tancredi. That means, Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) and Sara won’t have a happy ending, as the fans are expecting.

Sara Tancredi is the love interest of Michael Scofield . In the last third of Prison Break season 4, it was revealed that Sara was expecting Michael’s child. At the end of last season, Michael died an unfortunate death while grabbing the generator wires and putting two together to knock out the power. Sara escaped. In the penultimate episode, Sara was seen living in Costa Rica with her toddler son.

Spoiler Alert!

The official sneak-peak of the upcoming season shows Michael Scofield is alive and now serving his sentence in the Ogygia Prison in Yemen for his involvement with ISIL.  However, Sara and Lincoln Burrows (Dominic Purcell) were unaware of the fact, indicates the preview. Robert Knepper ‘s Theodore “T-Bag” Bagwell  will break the news to  Burrows. After receiving the news, Lincoln sets off to gather the other members of the Fox River Eight to help Michael escape from prison.

New Update!!

Now there is a new twist in the story, claim the recent spoilers. According to them, Sara will join Lincoln Burrows (the elder brother of Michael) to set her man free. However, getting him out in a foreign land won’t be as easy as it seems.

It is assumed they have to fight out a lot of odds in Prison Break season 5 to get Scofield out of the jail. Lincoln and Sara may have to make some real difficult choices. Political schemes, double-crossing inmates are going to stand as obstacles.

Prison Break : Sara Tancredi

There is no freedom without sacrifices! Going by the theory, it won’t be surprising to see Sara dying in the process of freeing Michael. Killing a mainstay off is nothing new for shows. Nobody is invincible, not even a fan-favorite character, so it’s possible that Sara might just bite the dust in Prison Break season 5.

Earlier there were talks that the actor Sarah Wayne had been drawn into a financial dispute with the channel for reprising her role. It has kind of fueled the speculations that the next season will be the last for her character. To date, there is no official word on the issue.

Watch The Official Trailer for Prison Break Season 5:

Prison Break season 5 is scheduled to debut in early 2017. It is believed that the show is settled for a Tuesday 9:00 pm. slot. Stay tuned for more updates.