CIA Director John Brennan said that there is no evidence against Saudi Government indicating its involvement in 9/11. Notably, 15 out of 19 hijackers were Saudi Arabian citizens.

In an interview with Saudi Arabian TV network Al-Arabia, Brennan addressed the 28 pages of the congressional inquiry of 2001 attack, which are kept secret. President Obama has said that some or all parts of the pages will be released to public as early as this month. Other than these 28 pages rest of the report was released back in December 2002, as per New York Post.

Brennan said that the 28 pages were part of a joint inquiry published in 2002.  He added that those pages tried to “pull together bits and pieces of information reporting about who was responsible for 9/11.”

Brennan added, “the Sept. 11 commission looked very thoroughly at these allegations of Saudi involvement, Saudi government involvement and their finding, their conclusion was that there was no evidence to indicate that the Saudi government as an institution or Saudi, senior Saudi officials individually had supported the Sept. 11 attacks.”

He stated that Riyadh is a strong US partner in its fight against terrorism and said  “Indeed, subsequently the assessments that have been done have shown it was very unfortunate that these attacks took place but this was the work of al-Qaida, (al-Qaida leader Ayman) al-Zawahri, and others of that ilk.”

Although, Brennan said that there is no evidence against Saudi Government many experts contradict him. Bob Graham, co-chairman of that bipartisan congressional panel, and some other experts have claimed that the pages indicate suspicion at Saudi Arabia. Graham also emphasized that it is important for the people to know whether the still-classified allegations are thoroughly investigated.

Tim Roemer, a former member of 9/11 commission, also urged for the release of the classified pages in May. He said that he strongly favored the declassification of the documents and it should be done as quickly as possible. He said that the 9/11 victims family, as well as, all Americans deserve to know what exactly those pages contain, according to UPI.

The Senate passed a bill in May which allows victims of 9/11 attacks to sue Saudi Arabia. But, President Obama has pledged to veto the legislation which needs the House’s approval. Saudi Arabia also has warned the US of possible consequences if the legislation becomes a law.