Quantico star Priyanka Chopra has been in talks to star as he next Bond. Now the world is wondering whether or not her new big role will put an end to the ABC thriller series. Is Quantico Season 2 going to be the last?

In recent times, there has been a debate on who could take on the role of Ian Fleming’s gentleman spy next. The list includes candidates like Tom Hiddleston, Henry Cavill, Idris Elba, Richard Armitage and the like. However, there is a new twist in the story, with the franchise deciding to give the part to a woman.  Sources said the news has been catching steam on social media.

The top names for the Bond girl role are Elizabeth Banks, Gillian Anderson,  Rosario Dawson, Priyanka Chopra and so on. Priyanka’s name was thrown around as one of the contenders for the role of Bond girl. Twitter overflowed with piles of tweets related to the rumor. Some fans even launched an online Facebook page dubbed We Want Priyanka Chopra for Bond Girl. Commenting on the subject, the former Miss World expressed she’d rather play James Bond.

In her words: “But f**k that — I wanna be Bond.”

Of late, there’s been a lot of discussion on the next Bond moving away from the white, British type. So Priyanka’s statement can be considered a clear indication that the news is not baseless. In fact, if the 33-year-old succeeds as a gender-bending Bond, it won’t be very surprising for her fans. She is already playing the main villain Victoria Leeds in the Baywatch movie. The role was originally envisaged for a male character.

The Quantico star is cementing her presence in the Hollywood industry. Earlier, Complex magazine featured her on its cover. Now the question arises on who would sustain in the game of fame. Alex Parrish or super lady spy 007? If Chopra picks the latter, then the chances are high Quantico might wrap up soon. The Bond role demands a lot of time, training and dedication, so there will be a possible time clash between Quantico and James Bond.


Of course these are just speculations. Therefore, fans should take this news with a grain of salt and wait for an official confirmation by Priyanka Chopra.

 Quantico Season 2 is returning on September 25, 2016.