Canadian pop star Justin Bieber is one of the hottest music celebrities with the biggest fanbase today. Since his early beginnings in 2008, fans followed the pop star’s life. The music world witnessed his ups and downs as well as moments where he lost his temper, yelled at fans or walked out.

While JB has promised to be a better person and revealed he has changed, it seems Bieber could still be a pain.

We’ve listed below the 8 Worst Moments of Justin Bieber:

1. Bieber Spit Over Balcony

In 2013, the singer was spotted spitting over a hotel balcony in Toronto. There were claims that Bieber spat over his fans who were waiting for him outside the hotel. His rep, however, told US Magazine that when Justin did it, no fans were looking up at the balcony. Spitting ain’t cool man.

2. He Attacks a Photographer in London

Earlier in 2013, he apparently attacked a paparazzi outside a hotel in London. One photographer said that Justin should “f*ck off back to America.” In retaliation, the singer pushed his way out of the van to yell back at the paparazzi.

3. Bieber Yells at “Today” Cameraman During Performance

In a more recent incident, Bieber also yelled at a cameraman. According to Inquisitr, the pop star was pissed because the cameraman from “Today Show” was so close to him during a performance. The incident aired on live TV.

He lashed out at him and said, “Next time I won’t dance because the camera’s here the whole time. Might as well not dance. What do I do this for if they’re just gonna…” before then the show got cut off.

4. Bieber Walks Out of Spanish Interview

The pop star was interviewed by a Spanish radio station, but it seems JB wasn’t ready to exercise his Espanyol. The questions got a little too irritating for JB that he decided to walk out. He left with no explanation at all.

5. JB Gets Mad at Screaming Fans, Stops Performance & Leaves

During his concert in Oslo, the pop star tried to wipe something on stage. When he noticed his fans were not listening to him, Bieber got mad and walked off the stage.

6. Justin Rude at Off-Beat Fans

Because he wanted a perfect jam, Bieber told his off-beat fans to clap to the right notes. He stopped mid-song to coach his fans the proper beat. Although it seemed like he was guiding them, for some it was a rude behavior.

7. JB Snubs UFC Champ Ronda Rousey

JB snubbed a fan’s request for a photo. Well, not just an ordinary fan. This fan was the sister of UFC Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey. According to Rousey, Bieber refused her sister’s request saying he already had a “billion” photo requests.

8. Bieber Rants About Australian Fans

When Bieber can’t tell it straight to his fans, he tells them via online posts. In his recent trip to Australia, he posted a video rant where he told fans that he deserves respect.