It definitely won’t be called Halloween without spooky decors and creepy costumes. But of course, the purpose of such is to scare people!

A known great scarer is American host Ellen DeGeneres. She admitted that she is someone who loves to scare people and watch people getting scared. In her show, she always pulls successful pranks as she scares the hell out of her celebrity guests.

So, while you’re preparing for the Best Halloween Party ever, check out some Ellen DeGeneres pranks that you should use for this Halloween. You can pull the pranks on your own or with the help of your friends.

1. The Bathroom Prank

One of Ellen’s notable pranks is the bathroom scare. It’s easy because you just need to find the perfect spot to hide. Remember that right timing is the key to scare well!

2. Give a gift then scare!

This is a sweet gesture yet also a great tactic to scare friends. People would think you’re just being thoughtful this Halloween. They won’t even think that it’s all part of your scare plan.

3. Haunted Props

Props such as haunted dolls, creepy-looking masks or even bone skulls might be cliche but it doesn’t mean it won’t scare people. You just need to come up with a good distraction. And then when your friend’s not looking, bring out the haunted prop!

4. Prank Calls

Another great prank is through calls. It’s easy, convenient and the person on the other line won’t even know that you’re pulling a prank. However, be careful because sometimes, call receivers have a tendency to bounce the prank back to its caller.

5. Big Box Prank

Don’t throw that box you got from buying a big drawer. Put it in the living room and just stay inside. It might help if you can pop a little hole so you’ll know when someone is near the big box.

6. Earthquake Prank

This might be tough because you need to find a trailer truck. But, maybe you can try shaking the bed for an earthquake effect?

7. “What are You Afraid of?” Prank

One easy way to scare people is to ask them casually what they are afraid of (creepy dolls, spiders, masked man, etc.) then give it to them!

8. The Double Scare

Continue to bring the scare to them by pulling out double pranks. You will surely find the scream queen in them!