What many adult wouldn’t dare to do, a young boy could do that. A 7-year-old boy has become a hero by trying to spoil an armed robbery which was about to happen at a video game store.

On Friday, the boy came with his parents at a GameStop in Silver Spring, Maryland to shop a Yoshi doll. That is when two men wearing hoodies and masks entered the store and one of them came close to the boy. Surprisingly, the boy punched him in the stomach. The footage was recorded in the surveillance video and it was released by the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Dept.

Neither the parent nor the kid has been identified, but the father was stunned at his son’s response. To Washington post, the father stated, “He punched him. Two left hooks while holding the Yoshi doll.”

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Regardless of the boy putting his best of efforts, the suspect managed to force him to push him to his parents to another section of the shop. The father added, “I’m just grateful we were together, as a family, at that moment. It was a terrifying situation. You just want to grab them and hold them tight to you, and you want it to end, quickly.”

Along with the boy, the intruders ordered two store clerks to lie on the ground. By taking some cash the amount of which is unknown yet and some personal things, the robbers ran out of the store’s front door, reported NBC

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Even though the boy’s reactions were courageous, they are not suggested by law enforcement officials. Fortunately, no physical hurt is recorded during this robbery. But the father seems to be concerned about the impact it will leave on his young son’s mind.

“When it’s a young child, it’s especially upsetting and infuriating for us because there’s some innocence that’s lost there and there’s some fear introduced into his life that, of course, he doesn’t deserve,” the father said, according to Fox 5.

As per the police, the two robbers are black men in their 20s, approximately 5 feet 6 inches tall, and weighing 170 pounds.  The authorities released images from the footage captured in CCTV camera which record the robbers in black hooded sweatshirts, black pants, gloves and masks.

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Hoping the culprits of the attempted robbery get arrested soon, the father said about his son’s deed, “We didn’t completely understand why. I think it was his natural instinct taking over there.”