Do you feel unhappy lately? If you have the time and money, give yourself a break and head on to the world’s happiest and wealthiest countries. Read on to find out which countries made the list.

The London-based Legatum Institute recently released its annual Prosperity Index. The index ranks 142 countries across 89 variables. The variables are grouped into eight namely economy, entrepreneurship and opportunity, governance, education, health, safety and security, personal freedom, and social capital.

Based on the index, here’s the 7 happiest and wealthiest countries in the world:


7. Australia

In 2008, Australia ranked first as the world’s happiest and wealthiest country. Nonetheless, in the past years, it has always been included in the Top 10 list. Since 2013, the country remained at number 7 on the list. This year, Australia was named as the country which offers the Best Education in the World, as mentioned on CNN.

Remember that Australia also has the World’s Best Steak!

6. Canada

Canada was first included in the Top 10 list in 2009. It made a big leap when it jumped from the 17th to the 7th spot that year. At rank 6, Canada also got the title of being the country which highly observes personal freedom.

With the new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in service, could we expect Canada to rise to the top spot next year?

5. Sweden

From last year’s index, Sweden moved to a step higher. This year, the Scandinavian nation was found to have the best entrepreneurship and opportunity.

Don’t forget that you’ll witness the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) in this area!

4. New Zealand

For the past 5 years, New Zealand always made that top 5 list. According to the latest Prosperity Index, New Zealand ranked first in the social capital sub-index.

Aside from the beautiful sceneries in the country, it looks like Australia’s neighbour has approachable citizens.

3. Denmark

Like Sweden, Denmark moved to a step closer to the top stop. According to The Guardian, Danish citizens get to see a visible return from their taxes. The site mentioned that this Scandinavian nation has affordable housing schemes and is a great country to raise a family.

2. Switzerland

Switzerland maintained its second spot from last year’s index. Aside from its delicious Swiss chocolates, this country has the best governance in the world.

1. Norway

For the past seven years, Norway has always been on top. CNN mentioned that the world’s happiest and wealthiest country ranked highest in the following variables: “trust in others, satisfaction with freedom of choice, civil liberty and free choice and satisfaction with standard of living.” What more could you ask for?