Gamers get ready because 7 Days to Die PS4 comes out today.

Publisher Telltale Games announced the June 28 release of 7 Days to Die on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One awhile back. Both versions offer the latest split-screen local multiplayer mode. The digital and retail release of 7 Days to Die in North America happens today. However, retail purchases in Europe start by July 1 and only the digital version is available to date. The game costs US $ 29.99 (AU $ 40.81), Polygon reported.

The Fun Pimps developed 7 Days to Die for PC. The creators are excited to bring the game to a new audience on console, PlayStation.Blog revealed.

“We pulled inspiration from a lot of places, zombie movies and shows. [We’re] fans of the Fallout games series, we’re fans of Minecraft, we thought a game that encapsulated all those elements in one would be a great game to make,” Richard Huenink, Producer and Designer from The Fun Pimps revealed.

“The game is set in a fictitious county in Navezgane, Arizona after a third world war and a zombie plague has hit. You’re looting, you’re building, you’re scavenging the world for things to aid in your defense. And every seven days, blood moon rises,” Huenink described. Iron Galaxy worked with Telltale Games and The Fun Pimps to move the PC game to the console platform. Dave Lang CEO of Iron Galaxy spoke about the split-screen feature of 7 Days to Die.

“Split-screen in a game like this doesn’t make a lot of sense in a PC. But it’s awesome on a console. You can create together, you can create together, you can scavenge together or you can defend together. And just tons and tons of fun,” Lang said.

7 Days to Die includes a couch co-op multiplayer in contrast to earlier console games, GameRant reported. Hence, two players can sit together and play the game using the same console as opposed to an online multiplayer platform.
Given the tendency for survival crafting games to drag on, The BitBag suggested it’s best to play with a friend although playing 7 Days to Die alone isn’t scary. Would you dare to play it alone?