Gaming fans who waited for the console release of “7 Days to Die” were finally rewarded for their patience last June 28. However, all good things have their flaws, and the same fans discovered the game’s issues. We’ve compiled these issues and ways how to fix them for easier access and convenience.

One of the pressing problems identified for the game was its very slow loading time. The BitBag gathered that most players who encountered the issue found that the most effective fix for this is Internet disconnection. So how would this actually work? Below are a few tips from fellow gamers, via Reddit.

Problem: Took me 5 minutes to make it to the title screen and now it’s just stuck on ‘join game’ can’t move up or down. (Suodeth_)

Possible solutions:

1. I turned off my net connection then started the game and reconnected the net and it’s working for me (Shitforbrains92)

And here’s a checklist you should ask yourself:

2. Are you on an old hard drive, or do you have insufficient RAM? Have you updated your drivers? Does the log file say anything? (SKEW_YOU)

‘7 Days to Die’ more bugs detected

The Steam Community forum for “7 Days to Die” also offer extensive assistance for bugs and other issues detected in the game.

Good guy Red Eagle LXIX and user J^g^ details a lot of these workarounds and we share an overview of them below.

Problem: Crash with multiple monitors
Workaround: Either disable one of the monitors, or switch the primary and secondary monitor.

Problem: Internet disconnects on program exit
Workaround: This has been reported by mostly Windows 8 & Windows 8.1 users.
Google around for more information/history on this issue of “internet disconnects on exit”.


Note that this is only a summary of issues and fixes to the game. For detailed explanations by the experts, visit this Steam Community thread now.

Other problems

Chaos Hour also offers other problems that may arise in “7 Days to Die”.

Problem: Error message: Disc is unreadable
Workaround: Eject the disc and give it a clean

Problem: Game freezes on loading my save file
Workaround: …clear your system cache then it will allow you to load the save file.

Problem: Can’t connect to online/multiplayer/server
Workaround: …be sure to remove any firewall which may prevent you from connecting to the server.

Problem: DLC code not valid/already redeemed
Workaround: …e-mail the customer support team for the game and they will be happy to help you. However you will need a picture of both the game and proof of purchase

Visit Chaos Hour here for their complete list of solutions.

If none of the above workarounds work for you, it is best to contact official “7 Days to Die” channels including their Twitter and Facebook pages.