“Young and the Restless” lead characters Billy and Phyllis have given into their feelings, but only to be stopped by someone else.

Both have become closer as they have secretly made plans to come out before Newman and Victor. However, things have started coming between Phyllis, played by Gina Tognoni and Billy, played by Jason Thompson.

The “Young and the Restless” lead characters successfully worked together in taking Passkey away from Newman, however, Billy encouraged Phyllis to report to the police about what Victor has done to her and Jack, played by Peter Bergman, including the mess created by Marco. Billy also gave Victoria, played by Amelia Heinle, a CD containing evidence which she gave to the police to help with the arrest of Victor.

From then on, Billy and Phyllis have remained close, even with Billy’s failed relationship with Victoria did not overcome the secret dealings he made against her family’s company.  

Now, following a request from Billy to fix his tuxedo, both went to check out his place before going to the gala for the celebration of Jack’s new foundation. The two got trapped by a strong thunderstorm inside the place and spent the night with some wine.

When the moment begins to feel right, passion has built up for the two, which will lead them to share a passionate and unexpected kiss. However, this moment was shortly interrupted, and both agreed not to discuss such incident again.

Yet, the moment will show that both became concerned when a police appear suddenly to look for Billy. This scene will be included in a preview clip for the episode airing on Tuesday, March 22.

Nevertheless, both Billy and Phyllis realized that the police was actually sent to assist them in getting out to the gala, which means their secret remains safe, for now , Soap Central reported.

“Young and the Restless” is aired every Monday to Friday at 12:30 pm on CBS.