The crew members of “60 Minutes” who are reporter Tara Brown, producer Steven Rice, and a cameraman have been detained in Lebanon for their attempt to shoot the recovery of two Australian kids who were brought to Beirut by their Lebanese father and were not returned to their mother from Brisbane.

“We can confirm a crew from ‘60 Minutes’ has been detained in Beirut. We won’t be giving out any more details, other than to say we are working with authorities to get them released and back home ASAP,” Nine Network told

Brown and the film crew were reporting a mission concerned with the recovery of two kids born to a Brisbane woman but were taken by her ex-husband. The mother said that his ex-husband took the two children to Lebanon, claiming he was taking them for a short vacation but he never allowed them to return to Australia after that. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the mother made several public appeals to recover her children from Beirut, Lebanon, where her ex-husband resided.

Tara Brown and the crew, along with the mother, travelled and went to the country. The crew members were filming the whole incident where a child recovery agency was separating the two-year-old and 5-year-old children from their paternal grandmother. The recovery mission was successful, but the Nine Network crew had to suffer detention for covering the event.

Fairfax Media reported that following the shift of the mother and her kids to a safe place, the Lebanese police authorities not only detained the crew but also seized a car and a boat that were used in the operation. The authorities interrogated and interviewed the crew as well as the recovery agency employees after the incident.

The news of the detention of Brown and other members of “60 Minutes” was confirmed by the network. The executive producer of the channel, Kirsty Thompson, said that “60 Minutes” was working with authorities to get the issue resolved soon.