The 60 Minutes abduction case took a new turn with the recovery of an exchange of text messages between the mother and Queensland Child Recovery Centre’s Colin Chapman.

Chapman’s phone received an alarming message on Thursday at 7:17 a.m. that said Sally Faulkner, the mother, was in trouble. “Col I’m in trouble,” the message read. It was a cry for help from the Brisbane mother who was accused of kidnapping her own children, Lahela, 5, and Noah, 4. She was accompanied by the “60 Minutes” crew led by reporter Tara Brown, producer Stephen Rice and a cameraman, who went to the spot to cover for the show the recovery of the two kids.

The kids’ recovery mission was undertaken by the UK-based Child Abduction Recovery International (CARI) while the messages were sent to rival Queensland recovery centre that was planned to be hired for the mission but the idea was dropped later. The exchange of messages was done after their arrest on Thursday. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, there are no comments obtained from Chapman yet, but there is evidence in the form of text messages that have been obtained from Faulkner’s and Chapman’s phones.

Following the first message from Faulkner, Chapman asked about Sally Faulkner and her safety. To this, the mother of two replied that “I’m in a safe house right now.” She messaged Chapman that the kids were not comfortable there though and they wanted to leave for Australia but she was unable to convince the authorities of that reason. In the conversation between the two, it was found that Faulkner denied using any physical violence on the kids’ grandmother as claimed earlier.

The CCTV footage obtained by the Lebanese authorities claimed that Faulkner snatched her children from their grandmother in downtown Beirut and had to use physical aggression to extract her children. The kids reportedly were taken to a short trip to Lebanon by their father and Faulkner’s ex-husband, Ali Elamine, but never returned. In a conversation between Faulkner and Chapman, she denied using physical violence on her ex-mother-in-law.

‘They say we took them using guns and hit [the grandmother] in the head. We didn’t even touch the grandmother,” she said as quoted by The Daily Mail.