John McAvoy got a call from his wife, 60 Minutes reporter Tara Brown, on Wednesday. During the phone call she told him that she was “fine” and would be returning home. Brown returned home after spending two weeks in a Lebanese prison.

She and her 60 Minutes crew were arrested on kidnapping charges.

In a rare first interview since the incident that left his wife in a Beirut prison cell, McAvoy has taken effort to explain his feelings when he received the call.

“It was just absolute … I can’t put it into words — it was massive, massive relief,” he says.

He had not heard his wife’s voice since her arrest following the failed child recovery act of Brisbane mother Sally Faulkner’s two young children.

The two children were snatched from a bus stop in Beirut on April 6, says Daily Mail.

McAvoy, a highly successful TV producer, was extremely tensed until his wife’s plane left the Beirut airport.

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“You just want to get them on a plane, hear the plane’s taken off, and just breathe.” McAvoy said.

He said that he was “worried sick” about his wife who could be getting weaker in a Lebanese prison for years. He said that the jail term could be anywhere from three years to whatever and it was dreadful to contemplate.

The 60 Minutes crew – producer Stephen Rice, sound recordist David Ballment and cameraman Ben Williamson – boarded a plane and landed in Australia on Thursday night. However, McAvoy said he was not able to reunite with Brown at the airport as he did not want their meeting documented by media.

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According to The Daily Telegraph, they all made a decision to meet somewhere else, pick them up and then bring them back home.

McAvoy was prompt enough to understand that something was very wrong on April 6. This was because whenever Brown was away on an assignment they talk and text each other on phone a lot.

But this time the texts stopped and that wasn’t normal, says McAvoy.