Adam Whittington’s wife is demanding an apology from Nine Network and is dismayed at how the Australian government had lost contact with her family following the events on 60 Minutes.

“I have been in contact with consular from the British Embassy maybe twice. I am very disappointed in how the Australian government has dealt with all of this,” Karen Whittington said in an interview with Network Ten’s “The Project” on Wednesday evening, Huffington Post Australia reported.

Mrs. Whittington’s Australian-British husband is still locked up in a jail cell in Lebanon after a botched child rescue attempt that involved the weekly news program.

The Australian managed to retrieve documents last week, which revealed that Nine Network paid $69,000 Mr. Whittington through his firm Child Abduction Recovery International (CARI).

Brisbane mother Sally Faulkner and the 60 Minutes crew were released after they were jailed for two weeks following the failed child recovery mission, Mr. Whittington and his British colleague remained behind bars.

Since their release, the network has quietly separated itself from the ordeal. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull slammed the network for its involvement and said that a corporate watchdog can probe the matter.

“I know that Adam has told me he is not disappointed in the crew itself—the photographer or the journalist—but in the management of the team just to dismiss everything and say they have no responsibility,” Mrs. Whittington said. “It is not very moral, in my eyes.”

She then went on to defend her husband from Waleed Aly’s remarks that he played a part in kidnapping the two children, saying “None of this would have happened if the mum didn’t order this.”

Faulkner recalled the moment she had to say goodbye to her two eldest children before she returned to Australia and reuniting with her current partner Brendan Pierce and three-month-old son Eli. She gave up custody rights in exchange for the charges against her to be dropped.