An Australian mother who tried to recover her two children from her Lebanese ex-husband has been alleged of kidnapping the kids with the help of the “60 Minutes” crew.

Lebanese police have arrested Sally Faulkner, the mother, following the detention of Nine Network’s “60 Minutes” crew who are reporter Tara Brown, producer Steven Rice and a cameraman. According to, the father accused Faulkner of trying to kidnap the two children, Noah and Lahela, from a street in the capital city. He said that the two kids went missing on Wednesday while waiting for their school bus. Along with the mentioned detainees, two British nationals have also been reportedly arrested on Thursday on charges of involvement in the entire matter.

Local police and media outlets in Lebanon claimed that the mother disappeared after she was handed over the kids. According to reports, the kids were kidnapped at a Beirut bus stop during their outing with another woman suspected to be their paternal grandmother. After the receipt of the information, the authorities arrested that woman. The Lebanese authorities said that the media crew has been arrested on suspicion of being involved in the alleged kidnapping.

The British people were arrested on grounds of suspected smuggling of the two kids out of Lebanon by boat. Lebanon’s Interior Security Forces claimed that there were five Australians arrested, including the mother, two Britons and two Lebanese citizens. According to Yahoo News, the two children were handed over to the father after a judicial order was received following their stay with their mother in ISF custody for 24 hours.

News Network, meanwhile, released a statement that said they were trying to secure their crew members’ release. “We are working with authorities to get them released and home as soon as possible,” the statement read.

Despite spending their second night in Beirut prison, the crew members are reportedly in good physical health.