The father of the kids involved in the 60 Minutes abduction has been offered several deals by ex-wife and kids’ mother Sally Faulkner as well as the media crew in exchange for withdrawing the case from court.

According to Fairfax Media, Lebanon provides custodial rights to Ali Elamine for being the father of the two kids, 4-year-old Noah and 6-year-old Lahela. His position is still stronger despite mother Sally Faulkner’s guaranteed custodial rights granted by the Australian government. The sources have revealed that Elamine has been requested to agree to numerous negotiations as recommended by the lawyers of Faulkner as well as the 60 Minutes crew members. This is due to the stronger hold that he possessed on the entire case.

But the Lebanese father said that he was not interested in money or revenge. His only interest is to acquire justice for his kids and make sure they remain safe throughout their life. “If I wanted revenge it would have ended in a different way, simple as that,” he said, adding “money’s not an issue for us” when asked if he was seeking a payout from the Nine Network, the father revealed.

Elamine, 32, claimed that even if he thought of being lenient towards Faulkner, it meant everyone else involved in the botched kids recovery mission would remain unpunished. “I will charge everyone involved. They are pushing for Sal’s release and everyone else gets a green card. (Nine) dropped the ball by getting involved in family matters (and now) everyone is blaming the other for what happened,” Elamine said as quoted by

The reports suggest that Nine Network was attempting to reach a deal with the father to ensure its crew members that included reporter Tara Brown, producer Stephen Rice, cameraman Ben Williamson, and sound recordist David Ballment were released unharmed. The bail hearing has been postponed until Wednesday so lawyers were trying every possible way to settle the matter out of the court. However, Elamine showed no interest in any kind of negotiation or deal.

Elamine said that after the 60 Minutes abduction of the kids, every known person called him to inform but there was no call from his mother, who was hit hard on the head and injured. She was not in a position to call him and confirm the news that the kids have been kidnapped and smuggled away into a car.