The new reports have revealed that the 60 Minutes crew was not solely responsible for the botched Sally Faulkner kids recovery campaign.

Besides reporter Tara Brown, producer Stephen Rice, a cameraman, and a sound recordist, the 60 Minutes senior authorities are also reportedly involved in the matter. If the reports are to be followed, the top executives of the media outlet were aware of Faulkner’s plan to kidnap the children in the guise of a recovery mission almost three months prior to the botched incident. According to Yahoo News, there were emails that have been obtained to confirm the involvement of the bosses into the matter.

Executive producer Kirsty Thomson, former executive producer Tom Malone, and sacked producer Stephen Rice have been alleged to have discussions in January 2016 where they framed a plan to kidnap the children and transport them to Cyprus via boat. The discussions between the 60 Minutes officials were made via email.

From the emails, it is believed that Thomson had a keen interest in taking up the abduction story following Inside Story’s temporary suspension of the matter. “Sally Faulkner has been talking to Adam Whittington for months about the possibility of snatching her four and six yo (sic) children from their father in Lebanon. Father lives in Beirut and runs a surfing business. Classic ‘the kids aren’t coming home’ after holiday,” Thomson said, according to News Corp.

The Daily Telegraph also reported that the trio approached the legal counselor of the media outlet with a request to make a contract with Faulkner. The contract contained terms of payment for “Child Abduction Recovery International” that is operated by Adam Whittington.

Meanwhile, Rice seems prepared to fight against his sacking from Nine Network over the 60 Minutes abduction issue. Stuff New Zealand stated that the former producer hired top lawyer John Laxon to represent him in the legal procedure.