5SOS has been claiming success over the past few years and they even had a world tour which will kick off on Feb. 19. But despite their unwavering popularity, the band from Down Under got the Worst Band award during the recent NME awards.

The event, which took place in O2 Academy Brixton in Texas, gave the award to the boys for the second time around, reports Alternative Press. The pop rock band slammed One Direction, Little Mix, Steaford Mods, U2 and Nickleback for the title.

Before 5SOS, the band 1975 got the award, but they are now among the Best Band nominees this time around. Meanwhile, half of the band members, drummer Ashton Irwin and guitarist Michael Clifford expressed their “gratitude” for the award that was given to them.

While the duo’s cryptic tweets seem too good to be true, we are not so sure if they are just being sarcastic or they are really thankful about the trophy. But still, loyal 5SOS fans are still supportive.

More than the fans, Sugar Scape also stated that it was quite awkward knowing that “5SOS actually sold out Madison Square Gardens on the same day as bagging this award,” in which they have mentioned that the band is not really bad at all.

So far, 5SOS is about to start their “Sounds Live Feels Live” tour in Nagoya, Japan. Afterwards, the boys will travel to selected countries in Asia before going to the United Kingdom, Europe, the United States, Canada, and Central America before finally heading to their hometown, Australia.

Fans can still check the schedule, venues and ticket prices via 5SOS Live.

The pop rock quintet held the concert to thank the fans around the world for the success of their “Sounds Good Feels Good” album that was released October last year. Some of the greatest hits from the sophomore album include “Hey Everybody,” “She’s Kinda Hot,” “Jet Black Heart,” and “Fly Away,” among others.