The 5SOS split news is starting to surface on the Internet once again since the boys are about to end their Sounds Live Feels Live tour next month.

The Australian rock band that consists of Luke Hemmings for vocals/guitars, Michael Clifford for guitars, Calum Hood for bass and Ashton Irwin for drums started their career in 2011. The boys rose to stardom after being YouTube stars.

Fame became inevitable when One Direction invited them to do front act for a couple of the boyband’s tour. It was really 1D and their influence on the public that gave 5SOS the chance to become stars in the industry.

Sadly, after years of success, One Direction shocked the fans by announcing an indefinite hiatus before the end of their On The Road Tour. Is 5SOS going the same way?

The Aussie boys did not confirm nor deny the report. However, it appears that they will continue working as a band and might be ready for a next album.

Clifford revealed that the quartet will be busy even after the eight-month-long tour. They would like to take the time off as a new opportunity to explore their creativity.

“This year has been an incredible one for us, and although it’s not over yet, we’re looking forward to doing another tour again after we take some time off and write a new album,” 5SOS guitarist Michael Clifford explained via Sugarscape. “It’s going to be a real opportunity to grow more as people and learn more about ourselves/the world.”

If that is the case, readers can only treat the 5SOS split news with a grain of salt. Meanwhile, our Australian fellows can check the schedule for the last leg of the Sounds Live Feels Live tour below. Go to 5SOS Live for more details.

  • 29 Sep 2016- Margaret Court Arena, Melbourne
  • 02 Oct 2016- The Riverstage, Brisbane
  • 04 Oct 2016- Hordern Pavilion, Sydney
  • 05 Oct 2016- Hordern Pavilion, Sydney