5SOS will conquer the music scene once again as they announced the eight-month-long “Sounds Live Feels Live” tour. The Australian boys are ready to dominate the world as they travel in major continents that will kick off in Nagoya, Japan on Feb. 19. Meanwhile, Luke Hemmings, Michael Clifford, Calum Hood and Ashton Irwin continue to tease fans as the tour’s setlist has been revealed.

The boys have been busy doing their rehearsal but still managed to fuel the fans’ excitement by posting a 10-second clip of their tour practice. Lately, Sugar Scape was also able to capture a snapshot of the rumored official list of the “Sounds Live Feels Live” music.

The speculated preliminary setlist was shared on their website. However, they found it difficult to read so they threw out comments about the person who wrote it to be like “a tiny-armed T-Rex with terrible penmanship.”

From the top, they guessed that it looks like the letter “W” but since it was hard to distinguish because of the bad handwriting, the site assumed that it could also read “‘Castaway’ with a little rock hand afterwards.”

Next to the list must be “Don’t Stop”, followed by “Permanent Vacation,”WTN” might stand for “Waste The Night”, then followed again by “Airplanes”, “Outer Space” and “Vapour”. Since they noted that it was hard to decode the list, we might want to wait for further confirmation.

“Sounds Live Feels Live” world tour is 5SOS’ way to thank the fans because of the undeniable success of their sophomore album “Sounds Good Feels Good” which was released in October 2015. The album contains the hits “Hey Everybody,”She’s Kinda Hot” and “Jet Black Heart,” among the most popular.

Tickets for the anticipated music event can be bought via 5SOS Live Website and Ticketmaster. Stay tuned for more exciting news.