5SOS was once tagged as an unknown boy band after fronting in a One Direction concert. Now, however, they are heading to the success as a solid rock band. Along their victorious sophomore album, “Sounds Good Feels Good,” is the ongoing “Sounds Live Feels Live” concert and the boys are currently bound to Hong Kong for the Asian leg.

The boys were caught in an interview and was given the opportunity to talk about their humble beginnings, as music site SCMP.com reports.

“It’s kind of a weird thought, isn’t it?” bassist Calum Hood said. “Back at the start, before we’d released any music and we were just doing, like, a radio show a day, it was easy to keep on top of everything,” he added.

Calum added that the turn of events was surprising and he thought it would be impossible, “I kind of just let it happen.” Now, Hood, along with Michael Clifford, Luke Hemmings and Ashton Irwin are enjoying the time of their lives while making music.

As for the “Sounds Live Feels Live” event, the boys just finished their slot in Japan and the show was a success. They even met the “mini 5SOS“- a band dedicated for the Aussie lads and appeared like the mini versions of the members.

Apart from that, there are still remaining venues for the boys to perform to on their Asian leg tour. They are about to invade Europe and the United States soon before going to Mexico and Australia. Check on the dates and tickets via 5SOS Live.

But despite their undeniable success is the report that they got the “Worst Band” award once again during NME awards. They have bagged the title for two consecutive times. Still, 5SOS supporters continue to show enthusiasm with the band.

More news about “Sounds Live Feels Live” tour soon.