The popular boy band 5 Seconds of Summer went ahead and did something they have never done before: interviewed celebrities. 5SOS have had all the experience at being interviewed but fans would probably wondered what the results are when the tables were turned.

It won’t be wrong to say that 5SOS pulled off the interview in a way only 5SOS could. They were given the task to interview the cast of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.” And it won’t be wrong to say that the boy band took their role seriously and confessed that they were big “Star Wars” fans by adorning character costumes from the movie.

As noted by Hollywood Life, Luke Hemmings very rightly transformed into Luke Skywalker, while Micheal Clifford played Han Solo. Calum Hood adorned with the Chewbacca outfit and played the part to the tee and so did Ashton Irwin who very sportingly wore the Princess Leia costume.

Once he transformed into Princess Leia, minus the patent hairstyle, he jokingly said, “I didn’t expect to wear heels today. I feel fantastic, best I’ve felt. Got some elevation happening with the heels. Boom. Shiny, polished, ready for the runway.” And ready they were!

The boy band then moved on to interview the cast of the much-awaited movie. Micheal shared that they have never done this before, yet they managed to pull off the interview really well and proved again that they are indeed true entertainers! They also played Heads Up, the Star Wars version, with the cast and the 5SOS group showed off some mean “Star Wars” knowledge.

Now, it also appears that all’s well in paradise after all. With recent reports about Calum wanting to leave which were sparked off by a tweet. Fans have nothing to worry about and reports on Bustle suggested that he is indeed going to stick around.

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