It looks like 5SOS frontman and guitarist Luke Hemmings is done and over with their fans who are bullying his girlfriend, Arzaylea. The Australia rock star addressed the accusations by allegedly saying that it is “super offensive.”

Many of the 5SOS fans became furious after Hemmings admitted that he is dating the social media starlet. According to Bustle, he defended his girlfriend by saying that he is tired of all the bullying that Arzaylea receives.

In one instance, he allegedly slammed a fan who tweeted a not-so-kind-words towards the “Internet influencer.” While the website thinks that the guitarist might be fed up, comments on the screenshot suggest that Arzaylea was the one who was talking to the fan.

As what the “evidence” appears, the 5SOS member told the supporter to “stop being so rude,”it is super offensive,” and even called her an “awful human being.” After the conversation, he posted a status on Twitter.

His girlfriend already addressed the indescribable hate that she is getting from being one of the 5SOS’ ladylove. “[Luke’s fans] want me to be this really horrible person,” Arzaylea said in an interview with Vice.

“But I’m not. I’m just a really normal girl who just happens to date someone not so normal,” she added further. “I think all of it is kind of a game,” she added. “And when people take a game too seriously, it turns into something way more than it needs to be.

Fans, especially the girls, are maybe upset that Hemmings is already in a relationship, but while they are disappointed about it, they cannot deny that the success of the band for bringing their music into popularity is undeniable.

5SOS is currently rocking out the second leg of their “Sounds Live Feels Live” tour in the United Kingdom that will last until June. After that, the boys are set to invade the North America, Mexico and then finally heading down to their beloved hometown.