5SOS members Luke Hemmings and Michael Clifford allegedly had an explosive fight over Arzaylea. According to supposed eyewitnesses, they are “pushing and yelling” at each other.

An image showing Hemmings and Clifford allegedly brawling was posted on social media causing the stir among the fans. It was not clear whether they are just messing around onstage or seriously having a fight.


There has been an underlying tension despite their busy schedule touring in Europe for the “Sounds Live Feels Live” event, notes Morning Ledger. Additionally, Twitter account Exposing Arzaylea revealed that a fan had messaged them about the incident.

As expected, most of the fans expressed their disappointment over the situation, stating that Hemmings should drop the social media starlet off. On the other hand, many are hoping that the message is just a hoax.

There have been reports that the two guitarists are having a feud over her. Arzaylea was accused of trying to flirt with Clifford by kissing him while she is dating the frontman.

Hollywood Take reported that her friend known as Page supported the rumors. According to the website, Page exposed that Arzaylea does not allow her boyfriend to talk to other girls. She also said that drummer Ashton Irwin “does not really like her.”

Well, this is not the first time that the members are rumored to be fighting. They were dragged into controversy months ago for brawling while having a vacation in Bali. However, these accusations were never proven so fans can only give their benefit of the doubt.

Arzaylea must have been the most hated girl among 5SOS’ ladies. Most of the fans, if not all, have already expressed their disgust after Hemmings announced their relationship in Rolling Stones.

5SOS are currently rocking out their 8-month long tour in Europe. They are bound to invade the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and Australia in the coming months.