5SOS Luke Hemmings and Canadian pop star Justin Bieber are said to be engaged in a feud because of Selena Gomez.

The alleged feud started in 2015 when the 5SOS singer confessed he had a huge crush on Gomez and dubbed her as his dream woman, as per Unreality TV report. Hence, Hemmings thinks that Bieber hates him and the band because of his admission.

“We think that Justin Bieber actually hates us and we’re actually worried that it’s because of this strange rumor,” he said. “I really met her once. I just want to be friends with Justin Bieber,” he added.

Meanwhile, the Biebs is also known for his rollercoaster relationship with the brunette beauty. Rumors about their reconciliation are as typical as everyday news. However, their reunion might not be possible anytime soon because they are allegedly dating other people now.

The “Sorry” singer has been reportedly getting close with aspiring model Hailey Baldwin. They even spent the New Year’s Eve in Anguilla. Meanwhile, Gomez was seen holding hands with handsome businessman Samuel Krost.

Neither Bieber nor Gomez is confirming their real relationship status on their respective flings. However, a report from Hollywood Life revealed on Jan. 19 that Bieber and Baldwin are on the verge of breaking upp due to her demands.

As for Hemmings, the news about his confirmed relationship with social media starlet Arzaylea was all over the Internet. They announced their love affair during the band’s Rolling Stone interview.

These circumstances may conclude that the beef between the band’s frontman and the “What Do You Mean” singer may have ended already.

Both 5SOS and Justin Bieber are relatively successful on their music careers. Bieber’s “Purpose” concert tour this 2016 will begin in March while 5SOS’ sophomore album, “Sounds Good Feels Good,” continues to soar among young listeners.