Boy bands are always under scanner for their alleged relationships and 5SOS’  Luke Hemmings’ love life hasn’t been spared either. However, in his case it has been his girlfriend, Arzaylea, who has attracted all the attention and may not be for all the right reasons.

As noted by SugarScape, from the moment Arzaylea has been associated with Hemmings, she has been creating headlines for not being so friendly to fans. She was also said to be “rude and harsh” on social media, as shared by Master Herald. But in a turn of events, Arzaylea has poured her heart-out in an apology to the 5SOS fandom.

She took to her Instagram account and shared, “I don’t want to sit here and list all the things I’ve done wrong in life because I don’t think it’d fit on this page, but I accept my mistakes and I’m always learning.”

She added, “This is something that keeps me up at night. I don’t want you to hate me. I don’t want to be the ‘reason’ this ‘fandom’ is ‘falling apart’. I’m more like you than you can imagine.”

Take a look at the complete note:

Her apology has not been received well by some of the fans, while others have also quickly jumped in to her rescue. Many assume that the dislike for Arzaylea comes from the fact that she happens to be Hemming’s girlfriend, but quite a few fans have repeatedly responded as that not being the case. Fans have shared that that it was her behavior towards 5SOS fans and her throwing her relationship with Hemmings in their faces that put them off.

Many stood by Arzaylea and surely it cannot be easy to be under constant scrutiny and her genuine apology may win many fans over. Share your thoughts on Arzaylea’s apology in the comments section below.