There have been reports about 5SOS Luke Hemmings Arzaylea split. This time, the outlets claimed that he is being clingy to another person.

The couple has been revealing their sweetness on social media. Although not all of their fans approve their romance, this implies that the bond is getting stronger.

Meanwhile, the reports about the lead singer being clingy to another person are just plain rumor. The sources may have seen his photo with bassist Calum Hood.

Though the photo paved way to another 5SOS Luke Hemmings Arzaylea split controversy, it shows that the boys are more than just bandmates but also close friends as well. View the controversial but funny snapshot on Instagram.

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As for the band’s musical journey, the Australian quartet must be ready to change sounds on their third album. According to guitarist Michael Clifford, they might also do another tour.

“This year has been an incredible one for us, and although it’s not over yet, we’re looking forward to doing another tour again after we take some time off and write a new album,” he explained to Sugarscape. “It’s going to be a real opportunity to grow more as people and learn more about ourselves/the world.”

They may jump from being a pop punk band into a more of a new electronic band from now on. They started to make subtle changes for the Ghostbusters’ soundtrack, Girls Talk Boys.

Producer Ricky Reed revealed that the song thrilled the boys as well. “They kinda freaked out,” quotes Billboard.

“They came to my studio in Echo Park and cut the vocal here and we had a great time working out the parts. They’re hilarious, awesome dudes — also really talented.”

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More news about the band’s next material and of course, the updates about 5SOS Luke Hemmings Arzaylea split.