5SOS Luke Hemmings has declared his love for Arzaylea despite the fans’ disappointment. Furthermore, it looks like he’s ready to show and tell the public that their relationship is getting even stronger amidst the hate that they are receiving.

Who can forget the moment when Hemmings revealed that he is in a relationship? The fandom was shocked by the admission, then they began to question the apple of his eye.

Worse, Arzaylea has been facing allegations of using him for fame. 5SOS supporters even accused her of flirting with other members.

However, 5SOS Luke Hemmings will not take these controversies seriously. According to Sugarscape, the Australian frontman was seen carrying a bouquet of flowers, and we can assume that it is for the lucky lady.

Although the singer was not able to tell if it is for Arzaylea, his followers are quite sure that they were for her. Some are still hesitant about the couple, but others are telling people to “get over it.”

We still don’t know where the hate is coming from, but Arzaylea has not said anything about the harsh comments that the fans are saying. The only thing she said in an interview is that the 5SOS supporters are trying to make her look bad.

“(Luke’s fans) want me to be this really horrible person, but I’m not,” Arzaylea told the website. “I’m just a really normal girl who just happens to date someone not so normal,” Arzaylea stated.

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Furthermore, the social media starlet has been on his side since the start of Sounds Live Feels Live tour. Concert goers have seen her in most of the gigs.

5SOS Luke Hemmings and the rest of the members are about to finish the whole leg in October. Those who want to watch them may take a look at the remaining schedule here.