5SOS just kicked off the second leg of “Sounds Live Feels Live” tour in Europe yet interesting moments already happened in just a matter of days. The hottest buzz revealed that a fan throws a bra at Michael Clifford while Ashton Irwin got rejected by a radio announcer.

Clifford and Irwin, along with Luke Hemmings and Calum Hood had an appearance on BBC Radio 1 on Thursday morning, April 7, reports Just Jared. Suddenly, Clifford “showed off a polka dotted bra.”

The undergarment was a gift from a fan, which he wore on his head as his band mates left the studio. Clifford thanked their supporters via social media afterwards.

While the rock guitarist is enjoying his unusual gift, 5SOS drummer Irwin just got rejected by a BBC newsreader live on air, as per Metro report. According to the website, it was an “awkward moment” between the Aussie lad and Radio 1’s news presenter, Tina Daheley.

The band complimented Daheley after reading the 8:30am news bulletin when host Nick Grimshaw asked the lads if they would want to volunteer to read the next news bulletin. “I was going to say does she want to come to our show but…” Ashton quickly replied.

The rest of the members laughed and called him creepy while the announcer just said “maybe.” The website wrote that the whole studio found it hilarious and a production member even shouted “5SOS just asked you out!” when the sad Irwin butted in and said, “It wasn’t 5SOS, just me.”

Unfortunately, Daheley did not realize that the show was later that night and she ended up apologizing to the drummer, saying that she is busy. However, many 5SOS fans went on to cheer Irwin by offering to take Daheley’s place.

5SOS “Sounds Live Feels Live” is currently invading the United Kingdom and other parts of Europe from April 5 to June 11, 2016.