5SOS bassist Calum Hood is reportedly banned from Tumblr for being too hot and sexy. The Aussie bandmate posted a video of him working out but it appears that the Snapchat video is about to get viral.

Hood sported a sleeveless shirt and a pair of gym shorts before trying to pump his biceps. Sugarscape noted that the clip was pleasing to the eye, especially for the fangirls.

However, Tumblr found out the clip and was immediately removed. According to the screenshot posted on Twitter, Hood allegedly violated a policy wherein “explicit videos” are not allowed.

Many of 5SOS followers laughed at the post and a fan even wrote that Tumblr “even finds Calum Hood incredibly hot.” Currently, the boys are about to finish the second leg of their “Sounds Live Feels Live” European tour.

Aside from every little thing that the boys do, they are also dragged into controversies about their love life. Hood is rumored to be dating the Hey Violet drummer, Nia Lovelis.

They were first seen allegedly going out with guitarist and frontman Luke Hemming and his girlfriend, Arzaylea. The dating issue has become dormant until recently when photos of them surfaced online once again.

Hood and Novelis are yet to comment on the issue. On the other hand, 5SOS Ashton Irwin is also speculated to reunite with ex-girlfriend, Bryana Holly.

Rumor has it that the blonde bombshell was with the band while rocking out in Paris. The speculation has become more plausible when Mail Online revealed that Irwin gave her mother a bunch of flowers on Mother’s day.

Their love life and everyday regimen may have made the headline these past few days but fans would not forget that the 8-month long tour is still happening. Those who would like to check the dates for the “Sounds Live Feels Live” tour may go to 5SOS Live official website.