5SOS bassist Calum Hood seems to be the “good boy” among his bandmates because of his innocent look. Hence, his latest confession about his feud against his mother might shock fans. Worse, he confessed that her mom almost disowned him.

Calum shared his tale during an interview with Rolling Stone Magazine. According to the musician, his mother went furious when he decided to join 5 Seconds of Summer. He said that she was so furious at him, he was thrown out of their family home.

“My parents thought I was just making the worst decision of my life. My mom threw all my clothes out of my closet and I was like, F***,” Calum explained. “I left and I stayed somewhere else for a couple days, just being like, ‘Holy s***, I just made probably one of the biggest decisions of my life,” the young artist continued.

He added, “But now it’s obviously worked out, thank God.” At present, 5SOS is one of the most popular pop-rock group.

In other Calum Hood news, the 19-year-old rock star got a new tattoo, reports Sugarscape. Meanwhile, fans of the hottest quartet are already guessing the meaning behind the new body art.

Kpopstarz notes that the fans think it could be about his former girlfriend, Jennifer Phipps. However, this rumor has not been addressed yet. Aside from new body etchings, the young lad also changed his hairstyle.

“Yeah, I just shaved it. It’s very hot in Australia, so I was just like ‘I don’t want to deal with this,'” he admitted on Twist Magazine.

5SOS’ sophomore album, “Sounds Good Feels Good,” has been a hit among listeners. Their single, “Hey Everybody,” made its way into the Billboard 100. Their album is now available on iTunes.

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