5SOS bassist Calum Hood said goodbye to his teenage years as he celebrated his 20th birthday on Jan. 25. His bandmates took to Twitter to greet Hood with some hilarious yet touching birthday messages.



Calum also addressed the birthday messages by thanking his fans and bandmates via Twitter.

MTV News paid tribute to the Aussie rocker by revealing his different “Bass Faces” on their website. The site captured some of his best on-stage looks during his concerts.

Meanwhile, the birthday boy was missing in action during the 2016 G’Day Los Angeles gala on Jan. 28. While the rest of 5SOS members-Luke Hemmings, Ashton Irwin and Michael Clifford attended the said event, Hood was no where to be seen. SugarScape speculated that the bassist might still be busy in his birthday celebrations.

However, Hood’s bandmates managed to leave a great impression on the crowd at the event. Punk guitarist Clifford had dyed his hair blue for the nth time. He attended the event wearing a smart leather jacket and also a rockstar attitude. His blue locks were trimmed shorter, just like his last year’s hairstyle.

Irwin and Hemmings too managed to look cool in their stylish outfits. Irwin wore a red shirt and black hat while Hemmings opted for a sophisticated black suit for the event. This was the band’s first reunion after their successful “Rock Out With Your Socks Out” tour break.

5SOS released their sophomore album, “Sounds Good Feels Good” in October 2015. Some of their latest hits like “Jet Black Heart,” “Fly Away,” “Hey Everybody,” and “She’s Kinda Hot” are included in the album, which is now available on iTunes.