5SOS bassist Calum Hood has been in the headlines for some weird reasons. Lately, he was banned from Tumblr for posting a “hot and sexy” video of him while working out. Now, he is obsessing over something as his Google search history revealed.

Sugarscape was able to capture the things Hood always search for when he has an ample time. And by all means, they found out that the bassist is fond of dogs.

According to the website, some of his research includes “cute dogs wearing waistcoats”, “dogs doing funny things in paddling pools”, “how to become a professional dog walker,” and “where can I go to stroke puppies” to name a few.

More than that, he might be curious to know “if 5SOS were dogs” and how he looks like while holding his pets as he searched for “Calum Hood with dogs.”

The online media outlet also found out that he loves to play Skyrim and has been a fanboy of singer/rapper Usher. He also likes to search things about himself and his bandmates.

Aside from these funny facts, the 5SOS musician has been in the headlines for allegedly dating the Hey Violet drummer Nia Lovelis. The rumors started when they were seen having a supposed double date with the band’s vocalist Luke Hemmings and his girlfriend, Arzaylea.

The issue has been toned down for a couple of months until photos of the duo having a fine conversation surfaced online recently. Fans became more positive that Hood and Novelis are having a good time being together. But the real score is yet to be revealed.

It looks like Calum Hood is focused on their “Sounds Live Feels Live” concert amidst controversies. Together with Hemmings, Michael Clifford, and Ashton Irwin, the boys from the Land Down Under are currently rocking out in Europe. Check out the updates on 5SOS Live.