Is 5SOS Ashton Irwin sleeping with some of the band’s fans? The drummer revealed his stance on dating their supporters in one of his interviews.

As we all might know, Irwin has said that he’s the “lone wolf” among the boys. Lead singer Luke Hemmings is currently dating social media starlet Arzaylea.

Meanwhile, there are rumors that Michael Clifford and Calum Hood are dating Crystal Leigh and the Hey Violet drummer Nia Lovelis, respectively. However, the members are yet to confirm the news.

However, during an interview with Stellar (via Daily Telegraph), 5SOS Ashton Irwin said that the band has many beautiful followers. He said it was an awesome thing.

However, he said that he is respectful of the band’s fans. “But you need to take care of your actions and make sure that you are respectful all the time,” we quote.

5SOS Ashton Irwin confirmed that he split up with model Bryana Holly months ago. He did not reveal the reason behind the breakup.

Currently, the Australian band is busy wth their Sounds Live Feels Live tour. They just finished touring in Mexico and will be heading to Australia for the final leg.

The band started their eight-month long tour in February in Japan. Thus far, they have visited some parts of Asia, Europe, North America and Central America.

5SOS held the world tour to thank the fans for the success of their sophomore album Sounds Good Feels Good. The second materials were out on the record shelves in October last year.

According to Sugarscape, the boys are planning to record their third album after the tour. “It’s going to be a real opportunity to grow more as people and learn more about ourselves and the world,” Clifford said.

Meanwhile, catch the remaining schedules of their Australian leg below:

  • 29 Sep 2016- Margaret Court Arena, Melbourne
  • 02 Oct 2016- The Riverstage, Brisbane
  • 04 Oct 2016- Hordern Pavilion, Sydney
  • 05 Oct 2016- Hordern Pavilion, Sydney