5SOS guitarist Michael Clifford got engaged in another stage accident once again as he fell off the stage during one of their gigs. It has been reported that he got severely injured.

Clifford seems to be the most accident- prone member among Irwin, Hood and Hemmings. The 19-year old rocker reportedly had a nasty fall on their I Teen Awards performance in London on Nov. 8, reports Hollywood Life.

“The clip of Michael falling is brief, but horrifying. Standing house left, Michael tries to run upstage, jumps, and misses, and seemingly disappears. It’s like he was eaten by the audience,” as we quote.

More than that, a fan was able to capture the unfortunate event and shared it via Twitter:

But fear not, New Broken Scene fans, because the high- spirited musician assured the fans that he was fine, despite of the needed crutches.

“I was looking at Rita Ora and I was like… hey and I fell,” as he joked about his accident on his Radio 1 interview, quotes Hollywood Life as well.

Notably, the young artist had a serious burn accident in June as he accidentally walked into a pyrotechnics display, notes another Hollywood Life report.

Hello world. im doing ok 🙂 thanks for worrying!

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Let us hope that he will get well soon.

In other news, their sophomore album “Sounds Good Feels Good” which was released publicly on Oct. 28 has reportedly topped Carrie Underwood in Billboard 200.

According to Star Pulse, this has been the second time that the Australian band made it to the top. The album has been able to sell 192,000 units so far and was able to steal the limelight from Underwood.

Some of their latest hits include “Jet Black Heart,” “Fly Away,” and “She’s Kinda Hot,” to name a few.

We will keep you posted as we wait for further news regarding 5SOS.