While the success of Australia’s rock band 5 Seconds of Summer continues to reach its peak, controversies keep on hitting each member. Bassist Calum Hood allegedly admitted that he smokes weed. Aside from that, a photo of him naked were reportedly leaked online.

The 5SOS members had a “very deep and somewhat personal” radio interview with The Howard Stern Show recently, reports SugarScape.

When the DJ asked whether they have tried any sort of recreational drugs, Calum seemed to admit that he smoked pot once: “I get super paranoid when I do,” the bassist explained.

But do not worry folks, because according to the site, the super quartet is aware that drugs are “bad.” Since then, none of them were involved in any kind of illegal drug use whatsoever.

“You have to keep the balance between fun and not going insane,” guitarist Luke Hemmings added.

But aside from the reported one-time used of pot, CalPal was asked how he felt about the naked photo which was leaked 3 years ago.

“I remember I was flying to Chicago and I went on Twitter and I saw that, and I was like, ‘f–k.’ Nothing else can come out that’s worse,” the musician exclaimed.

“I’m still a pretty naive dude, all the girl attention was new,” as he explained that he was just a young teenager; still learning his lessons in life that time.

More than that, a lot of surprising revelation have been discussed during the radio chat. These include Luke as a “beauty school drop out,”  Ashton Irwin’s single life after his split with Bryana Holly, and Michael Clifford’s  chat with Taylor Swift while he was drunk.

Listen to the full version of their interview here.

Meanwhile, 5SOS topped the U.S. album chart with their sophomore album “Sounds Good, Feels Good,” notes Variety.