A man has been sent to jail for 19 years plus 15 years of non-parole imprisonment on charges of committing sexual offences on a young adult.

According to reports, he used to make forceful sexual relations to the young adult through role-playing from pornographic videos. According to The Daily Mail, the man who committed such a horrifying crime was academically very sound. His identity has not been revealed. Even the details of the matter, other than the years of jail terms, have been suppressed as ordered by Victoria’s County Court Judge Lisa Hannan. According to her, the seriousness of the case does not allow the details to be made public.

The man committed the “too gruesome to publish” crimes in 2015 at his home in Victoria and one more location. Hannan said that the crime committed by the man was “every woman and parent’s worst nightmare and globally represents the worst category of offending of this type.” The reports have stated that the man allegedly broke up with a woman he dated for several years online. The separation took place before him offending the victim, according to the court hearing.

The ABC reports that the man is around 20 years older than his victim. He told the health experts that he committed the offence based on whatever he watched on adult videos. During the sentencing, the judge stated that the man suffered from Asperger’s syndrome and will be monitored for at least 15 years after being released from the prison.

The judge also specified that the man’s name will be put on the list of serious sex offenders and will be subject to a long imprisonment, which exceeds a 100-years term.

The court proceedings also heard a strong impact statement read by the victim. To the statement, Hannan praised the young girl and said she “faced evil with such courage.”