Rapper 50 Cent has not two, but three sons. But even 50 Cent himself was not aware of this fact. He seemed to have met his son for the first time in a recent greet and meet event. He took to Instagram to break the news to the fans.

“My life is full of surprises, this little guy is my son DAVIAN. He started crying, I was thinking why you crying i gotta pay for this shit. LMAO,” the singer wrote on the photo-sharing site. Davian does look like his son for he shares similar features with the rapper. 50 Cent already has 19-year-old Marquise Jackson with Shaniqua Tompkin and now he is all over social media to show his son to his fans. Marquise and 50 have a strained relationship and the former has even taken to social media to rant about his father. His other son is three-year-old, Sire Jackson, with Daphne Joy, Inquisitr reports.

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Is it yet another serious joke by the rapper? If so, he is going beyond his limit to prove its true to the audience. The new papa seems to be proud of his son, Davian who is an achiever–getting good grades and scoring high in citywide English test. But how did he know that Davian is his son?



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The rollercoaster life of the singer, which includes being involved in a sex tape with his ex-girlfriend and having a lot of debts to pay, now has a new twist called Davian.