Dame Zaha Hadid, the legendary British-Iraqi architect, has died of heart attack in Miami Beach’s Mt. Sinai Medical Center, on Thursday. She was 65. The heart attack was struck while she was being treated for bronchitis. Hadid’s unexpected death has shocked the design world. Her huge collections of architectural designs include the London Olympic aquatic centre, Vitra fire station-Weil am Rhein, Bridge Pavilion-Zaragoza, and Sheikh Zayed Bridge- Abu Dhabi etc.

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A long statement released by Hadid’s company stated, “It is with great sadness that Dame Zaha Hadid DBE died suddenly in Miami in the early hours of this morning, reports The Guardian .

Apart from gifting the world with many of her architectural wonders, there are also some other interesting facts about this legend which are little known to the world.

Here goes five of them:

  1. Hadid’s architectural knack started to pop up in a way when she was a kid. The little girl first designed her own bedroom. Once she quoted “everyone liked my bedroom, so the carpenter made it for everybody. It was a mass-produced bedroom.”
  2. A determined Hadid knew how to make things possible in her way. Once, while she was on the flight to Frankfurt to give a lecture, her plane, just before takeoff developed some minor issues. Assuming this would cause a delay in her schedule, the architect insisted on putting her on another flight. The cabin crew tried to convince her from not doing so. Soon as one of them spotted Hadid’s photo on the in-flight magazine, the impossible become possible.
  3. For her extraordinary skills, the superstar female architect bagged ‘Riba Stirling Prize’ twice in her kitty. It is the most prestigious architecture award of UK. First in 2010, for her Maxxi Museum in Rome and next in 2011, for the Evelyn Grace Academy in Brixton.
  4. Though she had an image of a short-tempered and bit of an arrogant woman, she also had a down to earth side of her personality. It was evident in her preference to sit amidst the tables in the old school house, which was her practice house for years. Hadid could have occupied an exclusive exotic office cabin.
  5. Call it an irony or just a co-incidence that even being the designer of a line of Adidas shoes, which she created with Pharrell Williams, Hadid could not get a chance to grab a pair for herself. The collaboration sold out.