5SOS members have been friends with One Direction for quite a while. But after the boy band announced their indefinite hiatus, the lads have been busy with their own lives and careers.

But despite the temporary breakup, the public just can’t help but compare the success of each of the members. So far, Harry Styles was the first to declare that he will be doing solo projects.

On the other hand, Niall Horan was quiet about his plans on pursuing music. He was just busy playing golf and spending the vacation in a comfortable way.

Until lately, he announced that he will be going solo as well. Horan has recently dropped his first ever solo single and Harry Styles has compiled a mini-project for Another Man magazine.

This might be the reason why even the 5SOS lads cannot help but compare the lads, who are their friends as well. But according to Sugarscape, the boys was surprised about the news when Horan dropped his first ever single.

“I thought he was playing golf,” says drummer Ashton Irwin. Meanwhile, the other members were as shocked as the public as well.

On the other hand, Irwin stated that Styles’ stint with Another Man mag is quite good. Furthermore, vocalist Luke Hemmings said that it reminds them of Mick Jagger.

“It reminds me of, me and Ashton were talking about it, it reminds me of Mick Jagger or something, which is really weird because we always thought he looked like that like when we saw The Rolling Stones and he was there and we were like when they look at each is the universe gonna end because they’re the same,” the lead singer stated.

Well, it might be surprising for Horan to drop a single unexpectedly. But 5SOS and the rest of us will see if the move would succeed.

On the other hand, 5SOS just finished their 8-month long tour, Sounds Live Feels Live. We will update the public for the highlights of the Australia tour very soon.

Check out more news about the Australian band in their official website here.