Are you a positive thinker? If you are, well good for you, if you feel you are not, well there is something you can do about it. Simple brain exercise can help you transform yourself into a positive thinking individual.

Progressive thinking may well be the one boost you need to enjoy the best results of a health and strong brain. Just how do you start the journey to positive thinking? Well below are some simple brain exercises that you can try out to enjoy the benefits of being positive.

First off is to follow your passions. This is something that a lot of people tend to ignore. Your passion is that one thing that gives you the flare to want to get up in the morning. It may not necessarily be something that makes you more money per se but if it does, then the better for you.  A lot of people are stuck in a cycle of boredom because they ignored their passions. Try to find out something that you enjoy doing and you may well end up transforming your mindset.

Another one of those brain exercises you can engage in is gratitude.  We may occasionally get so busy that we fail to notice that we ought to be grateful, at the very least for the gift of being alive. There are a lot of things to be grateful of such as family, friends, a job, the weather, the list is endless. Get a diary and start looking at the things that you feel most grateful for. You may be amazed by the list you draw up. Focusing on the good things helps your brain think positively and hence changing the negative mindset.

Difficult days are part of life, it is for this reason that you must have a hobby or a place where you can relax and dispense off negative energy. It is highly recommended that you choose an activity that you really enjoy. This will be something that will put a smile on your lips and which acts as your stress reliever.  Some of the things to try include yoga, meditation and physical exercise such as swimming, jogging or even dancing.  You can also learn to paint, do crafts and learn new skills.  Any of these activities will help center a person and connect them to some inner peace, thus triggering the creative center.

Being there for others is another one of those brain exercises one can try. This involves looking out for other people’s needs,  taking care of other’s needs before your own, being available to all people who might need your help.  Making people happy when they are down instead of adding more to their gloom will not only make life easier for other people but will also contribute to your own health. Once you made someone’s day brighter, their happiness will mirror into you and you will feel good about yourself as well.

All physical exercises are also great brain exercises. When you are physically active, the brain is producing endorphins, the feel good hormones, consistently. This is one sure way to prevent symptoms of depression and stay positive in thought. Find a form of exercise that you feel comfortable with so as to avoid exhaustion of both body and mind. If you are just starting out, simple walks are great.  Exercise has also been proven by research to lead to a healthier heart and lower cases of Alzheimer’s and dementia.

When all of the above are integrated into normal daily routine, you will notice that positivity will ooze out of you and to the people around you. Start out today and enjoy the benefits of simple brain exercises.