Sometimes we just need to listen to some TED talks when we are feeling upset or need a friendly push in the right direction. These TED talks will get you motivated to renew how you view the world and see it in a different light.

Jenni Chang and Lisa Dazols are two homosexual speakers, who wanted to spread the message about LGBT to the world. Their stories which made them recognise their sexual orientation is truly captivating and a must see for all individuals particularly those who are struggling with the process of revealing their own sexuality.

When the Taliban raided all of Afghanistan and a few parts of Pakistan they have not been particularly kind to the womenfolks, sometimes keeping them in an inhumane way. Women were curtailed from speaking-up for themselves. Sakeena Yacoobi, however, was undaunted. She decided to stand-up and fight for the future of her people.  Listen to her speak up about how the Talibans tried to shut down her school and the struggles she went through to fight them. Sakeena is now considered as a hero in her country.

Tori Murden Mclure is a hero who set sail across the open North Atlantic ocean; her only issue was the hurricane which was due to hit during her journey.  Dawn Landes wrote a song inspired by Mclure’s journey. The musical “row” spoke about Tori’s return home and how she felt broken because her boat capsized and was left stranded at sea by herself.  Dawn found her story very inspiring and wrote a song to spread her message.

This is a captivating story of a man who spent 317 days with nothing but a candle and a loaf of bread. Vincent Cochetel tells his story about the tragic time when he was kidnapped by the Russian guards. He said he did not like to speak about it but he wanted to share a little of his story for the audience. This emotional talk will leave you in tears when you hear about the dehumanising time this brave man had gone through.

“Domestic violence happens to everyone — all races, all religions, all income and educational levels. It’s everywhere” says Leslie Morgan, a domestic violence victim who shared her traumatic story with the audience. She had spoken about her troubled marriage with a man who has beaten her nearly every night of their marriage. Her main argument was “why doesn’t she leave?” to which she replies “its just not that easy when the abuser takes that as a step to kill their victims”.