Starting your own business or venturing out into the fierce world of adults can be both baffling and daunting for someone doing it for the first time. Many  detrimental choices could have been avoided if one was equipped and prepared to face this kind of situation.

Maybe you have experienced working for an organisation you hated because you were not interested in what you were are to do.  Scott Dinsmore, recalls a time in his life when he was taught to “build your resume.” Later he found out this is far from the truth.  You are suppose to find something you enjoy and then build your prospects from here. Watch this inspiring video of Scott Dinsmore as he tell the story of how he became a ‘self-expert’.

We find it hard sometimes  to obey the rules in the company we work for particularly if these are rules that somehow curtails our development and individuality. Ricardo Semler speaks about the upcoming industry where employees are given the chance to make decision for themselves for the good of the company. An example of this is the chance to calculate the employee’s salary.  It is believed that this system will make the employee’s leadership potential stronger and better.

In this humorous, yet eye opening TED talk, Amy Cuddy explains how important body language is in communication and to the business world in particular. From sitting up straight to giving a firm hand shake, Amy goes through the basics of how individuals should present themselves at interviews. This video is eye opening and makes you rethink the way you have reacted in some situations.

According to Arianna Huffington, “The way to a more healthy, enjoyable and productive way of life is sleep” and this simple statement has sparked an audience of over 3 million people.  In Australia, 1 in 3 adults have one form of sleep deprivation or another. This serious issue is what Arianna talks about; she argues that the only way to succeed and develop brilliant ideas is to sleep 8-9 hours daily.

We have always wanted to start our own business but are always too worried about the outcome — the stress it may cause if it fails. Bill Gross in this TED talk speaks about the 5 factors that will get your business from being a failure to being as big as “Uber” is right now.