Zoe Coombs Marr had a great showing at the recently concluded Melbourne International Comedy Festival (MICF) where she won the Barry Award and the Golden Gibbo but her wedding to fellow comedian Rhys Nicholson was the highlight of the festival.

Coombs Marr’s show called “Trigger Warning” won top honours at MICF. According to Festival Director Susan Provan, “Trigger Warning” received top scores from all judges right across the panel, states The Music. However, it was her staged wedding to Rhys Nicholson that was the highlight of the festival.

The wedding was timely and a spot on take on Australia’s stand on same-sex marriages. The act was a protest of sorts complete with songs, dances, protesters and an impressive cast of Aussie comedians, reveals Buzzfeed.

It began with a simple proposal… #thewedding #MICF

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The wedding was perfect. After all, it had a bride and a groom, bridesmaids and an amazing party, reveals Sydney Morning Herald. However, it raised a voice against all those who opposed marriage equality. “You can get married – just to someone of the opposite gender,” is Australia’s popular stand on marriage equality.

Comedian Hannah Gadsby’s powerful speech included the “think about the children” argument. This is commonly used against same-sex marriages. According to Gadsby, the impact of being denied the right to join or belong are very traumatic, states Buzzfeed. “Rhys and Zoe are doing this for all of the children,” she said. “Because at the moment, what we are doing in this country is saying to all of the children that it is OK to exclude a minority. It is OK to be a bully,” she added.

The end of the wedding ceremony was noteworthy. The bride and groom did not kiss each other. Instead, they chose to lock lips with their own same-sex partners. The next part of the act, the honeymoon, will be played out at Max Watts.