Fourth of July sales of the Xbox One outdid Black Friday 2015 deals with a significant price cut plus a gift to boot.

Gamers can expect a huge discount from the Microsoft Store. In general, price points for the Xbox One Console 1TB bundles dropped to US$299 (AU$399) while those of the 500GB bundles went down to US$279 (AU$372). Deals offered during Black Friday 2015 for the Xbox One consoles 1TB unit were US$350 (AU$467) while the 500GB unit cost US$300 (AU$400).

Available bundles for the 4th of July sales include the following choices.

  • 1TB Spring Bundle: US$299 (AU$399)
  • 1TB The Division Bundle: US$299 (AU$399)
  • 1TB Rainbow Six Siege Bundle: US$299 (AU$399)
  • Kinect Bundle: US$299 (AU$399)
  • GOW: Ultimate Bundle: US$279 (AU$372)
  • Quantum Break Bundle: US$279 (AU$372)

Along with the huge discount comes news of the pending arrival of the Xbox One Slim in August at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3 2016). News about the latest version of the Xbox One leaked online prior to the reveal at E3 2016. According to sources, gamers can expect an elite edition of the controller with an improved design and more customizable buttons. It also hinted at the likelihood of a higher price tag.

Early on, news of a lighter yet cheaper version of the Xbox One that would come out in 2016 emerged. This is consistent with Microsoft’s history to produce updated versions. It redesigned the Xbox 360 to produce an Elite model in 2007. In 2010, it came out with its slimmed down version.

Consumers could likely get an even better deal at the Microsoft Store, according to Game Rant. Freebies include a wireless controller worth US$60 (AU$80) and personal choice of a Ubisoft game. The additional US$50 (AU$67) gift code is for use at the Xbox Store or at Xbox Live. The bonus gift card for Black Friday cost US$60 (AU$80) and also came with a free Ubisoft game of choice.

The game titles to choose from include “Assassins Creed Unity,” “Just Dance 2016” or “Just Dance: Disney Party 2,” “Watch Dogs” and “The Crew.” Upon checkout, choose 1 and it will be added to the cart as a free item.

Microsoft Store/Xbox One consoles[/caption]