They certainly made an impact as soon as they got going. 4th Impact, the all-girl group from the Philippines, entered the X-Factor UK auditions with shy smiles and starry eyes but once they opened their mouths to belt out the Jessie J song they came with, rolled the notes and shimmied to the beat, it was clear that even toughie Simon Cowell was hooked. And so, they embark on their very own concert in May.

The 4th Impact concert will be held at the Civic Hall in Bedworth, United Kingdom, and it’s slated for May 7, 2016. Prepare for them to belt through their sets and shimmy, even shimmer to your delight.

The all-girl group composed of sisters Almira, Celine, Irene and Mylene are also part of the X-Factor UK Tour. Aside from bagging gigs in the UK, the sisters also revealed that they’ve received offers to perform in Australia, the US, Canada and even Dubai. Aside from that, they may soon release an album under Simon Cowell’s label, SyCo.

Formerly known as “4th Power,” the girls’ audition video has earned almost 40 million views as of this writing. The group is no stranger to joining singing and talent shows, but their greatest success was with X-Factor UK. They lasted up to X-Factor UK Series 12’s Sing-off, after which, the group was eliminated. The 4th Impact placed 5th overall in the X-Factor competition. Their elimination didn’t seem to have an effect on their overall fame as they are now sought-after as crooners.

The May 7th concert will be a joint show with fellow X-Factor UK Series 12 contestant Ché Chesterman. Tickets will be at £22.50, while VIP tickets are at £37.50.

The girls are also planning to hold concerts in their home country, and are hoping that these plans will materialise.

Things are buzzing for the band of petite sisters and it’s pretty exciting. From becoming a YouTube and X-Factor UK sensation, 4th Impact looks like it’s set to impact the world through their concert tours.

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