A heart-wrenching tragic incident shook the Hilton family with grief as its youngest member, Bentley Hilton, could not be revived after he was recovered from the Hawkesbury River in north of Sydney. The grandfather is likely to be blamed for the mishap.

Bentley suffered a choking death in the river water while strapped on to the seat of the Ford Falcon XR8 ute that slipped into the river. The four-year-old boy from Cranebook in West Sydney went on a short trip with his grandfather to the Hawkesbury River on Sunday at around 10:45am during which the incident happened.

The kid’s grandfather stopped the car at the Road River where he tried to unstrap a tin boat that was harnessed to the car. Accidentally, the ute started rolling into the water and submerged while the grandfather watched helplessly. Although it was low tide in the river at the time, the car was swept away by strong currents about 20 meters from the boat ramp.

Bentley’s grandfather and another man who is believed to be the kid’s father dived into the water and frantically searched for the boy. They, however, could not recover the body which was washed away at a farther distance.

The incident has left his family bereaved and distressed. The anguished mother of Bentley, Lauren Hilton, was quoted saying to The Daily Telegraph, “He was always happy to see his mum, see his sister and see his family.”

She last saw her son on Mother’s day since the kid had gone to visit his cousins at Hawkesbury the next day. However, mother and son used to have talks on a daily basis. The night before he died, both had a happy conversation. “He was happy telling me about everything he was doing. We were laughing and giggling,” she said.

Bentley’s other family members took to social media to pay tributes to the boy, as stated by the SMH. The kid’s aunt, Heather Marie, wrote, “This can’t be happening right now, it can’t be true.” Another aunt, Nikita wrote, “Most beautiful things in life had suddenly been snatched away.”

As reported by 9News, divers were immediately informed after the incident. They finally located the ute in the water. The vehicle has been sent for examination to find out if there was any mechanical fault that caused the accident.